2019 Events


Saturday 23rd February 2019

The Vanilla Alternative, Bedford


Saturday 27th April 2019

The Vanilla Alternative, Bedford


Saturday 29th June 2019

The Vanilla Alternative, Bedford


Saturday 28th September 2019

The Vanilla Alternative, Bedford


Saturday 30th November 2019

The Vanilla Alternative, Bedford






Welcome to CHIC events

Mrs Deviants Chic Events represents hot, fun, open-minded, uninhibited people who enjoy life to the fullest. Making new friends, being social, indulging in your desires and having fun really are what these events are all about...If sophistication and Chic are two words that describe you and you are an attractive couple or single lady then this event is for you.

My parties are only held in at The Vanilla Alternative with it’s luxurious features, decor and licenced bar making it the perfect venue. In my opinion swinging is a way of life and should be lived with style, glamour and sophistication. 

Our guests come from all walks of life, bankers, lawyers, doctors, models and hot working class couples!. Expect a beautiful crowd of gorgeous boys and girls all wanting to explore their naughty side - both as voyeurs and participators. Anything and everything is possible when everyone is in the mood for playful sex and seduction.

Discretion is guaranteed - we only cater for top-class professionals and successful people. The atmosphere is feminine and non-threatening - perfect for your first time - or refined enough if you are one of the swinging sexual elite of UK.

We GUARANTEE the SEXIEST and sophisticated guests and the MOST ACTION you will find ANYWHERE in Britain!

Do not hesitate to apply to join us in style at one of our black tie soirees for an upscale soiree full of corruption, debauchery, depravity, self-indulgence & pure deviance...


The Venue -The Vanilla Alternative